Fall Market Event Application

Applications are due by Oct. 18th

Sattler Fall Market Event 2018 (docx)


Market Location

Every Saturday 9am-1pm.

14625 River Road, Canyon Lake, Texas 78132, United States




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Vendor Info.& App Sattler Market in Canyon Lake plication

Market Info. & application Please Send application to SattlerTXFM@gmail.com

Sattler Market Rules & Information

Vendor spaces are 10x10 area $15 a day you do not have to attend every weekend, but it is highly encouraged. Canopies/tents need to be weighted, no stakes in the ground. Vendors must bring all their own equipment for their set-up (tables,canopies,chairs etc.). If you need electricity you will need an inverted generator. The Sattler Market is a producers & artisan market, open to all producers and artisans, who live within a 125 mile radius (some exceptions) of Sattler. Vendors of agricultural, prepared and processed foods, local artist, craftspeople, community organizations, non-profits, and local businesses may apply. Other items for sale not listed on original application will not be allowed without Market Manager’s consent. Market days will take place every Saturday from 9am-1pm(Summer Hours) except some holidays or bad weather. All members are expected to arrive early to set up prior to opening (7:30 earliest) Allow yourself enough time to be able to unload, move your vehicle to designated parking spot, and be ready to sell by 9am. No early departure without the prior approval of the market manager.

The Sattler Market is a community market which means all of our vendor fees and donations we collect go to a local non-profit or community cause or project that we select at the beginning of each month. 

Daily Vendor Spaces
10x10 vendor space is $15 a day
You must notify the Market Manager the latest by Thursday 8pm prior to the market weekend you plan to attend to have a reserved space. Call Jessica at (210) 519-7821

All reserved spaces will be reserved till 8:30am., if you are not present or don’t notify the Market Manager you are running late prior to 8:30am your spot may be given to another vendor.
Payments are accepted on site with cash only, and are due day of market. Daily Vendors can reserve spaces for future Market Days by notifying the Market Manager of dates and prepaying for reservation of space. If you have a pre-payed reserved spot and cannot make it you must notify the Market Manager 24hrs before market day to not lose payment.

If you are unable to attend or will arrive late, please notify the Market Manager Jessica (210) 519-7821

Please keep your area clean and tidy, and make sure all trash and debris is picked up from your space before you leave. Vendors that provide samples need to have a trash bin to dispose of sample trash.

The Sattler Market is a Producer’s & Artist market. Members selling at the market must be a producer. The produce must be fresh and of good quality. This trust is what makes the market work. Without that Bond of Trust, the market would cease to exist. No reselling of agricultural produce is allowed. Only producers, their family members, or their authorized agents are allowed to sell agricultural products.If an agent is selling for a producer, that agent should be knowledgeable about the product, its use, and its method of production, and be able to communicate that knowledge clearly to customers.“Dumping” that is flooding the market with irrationally under-prices produce is forbidden. Agricultural Vendors booth fees are waived; produce, honey, seafood, raw meats.

Vendors of prepared foods must meet all federal, state and local codes of regulations governing their products, and are responsible for obtaining any and all necessary licenses. Please see the Texas Food Establishment Rules and Vendor Food Service Requirements.
Please refer to information regarding stored and displayed food products according to state and local health codes or the Texas Cottage Foods Law (HB970).

Arts and Crafts must be the work of the artist or crafts-person him/herself. All artists, craftspeople, and artisans are invited, however, priority is given to local residents.

Community organizations, non-profits, and local businesses or service providers whose work or product are compatible with the mission of the market are invited to attend. Non- profits are able to present for their cause without charge. Churches are welcome, but limited to frequency of visit & scope of presentation, booth is in a designated area of the market and must be done by reservation.

The Market reserves the right to suspend or cancel the privileges of any member and/or agent of members who have violated the Sattler Farmers & Artisans Market’s rules.

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Sattler Market Application 2018

Business Name:_______________________________________________
Business Website:____________________________________________

Business (or personal) Social Media Page info to connect with you: (ex: FB:@SattlerTXFM)
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Please send in photos of your product, booth set ups, or photos of you making your product.

Other items for sale not listed on original application will not be allowed without Market Manager’s consent.

I will be selling the following items:

Others that I may have selling for me:____________________________________

I have read and understand the rules of the Sattler Market and agree to abide by them.
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